The Biennial ATG Awards

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"I'd like to thank God... my family...  my fans, I love you guys"

ATG Awards 2018 - Winners

ATG Awards 2018


Our 2018 Greatest Showman themed Oscars ceremony was held on 27th October, these are our winners!

Best Actor  Gary Shaw for Billy in Billy
Best Actress  Linda Harris for Hermia Hudson in Murder at the Music Hall
Best Director  Morven Rae for Billy
Best Supporting Actor  Richard Peachey for Philip in Relatively Speaking
Best Supporting Actress  Hazel Istead for Rita in Billy
Best Male Newcomer  Peter Bee
Best Female Newcomer  Amy Morris
Davison Award  Louise Nicholls for juggling publicity, tickets, newsletters, a bubbly daughter, a weeny baby and a husband!
Wooderson Award  Nicky Chowne for being our FOH expert, she always gets us organised whether she is there or not, even with a leaky brain! And for generally being very supportive and showing up to watch rehearsals
Grimwood Award  Shep Crampton for her dedication to every aspect of every production and set construction and lighting in Billy

ATG Awards 2016 - Winners

ATG Awards 2016


Our 2016 Oscars ceremony was held on 17th September and a fantastic time was had by all, congratulations to all of our winners!

Best Actor  Jeremy Nicholls for Dan Mendoza in Jack the Ripper
Best Actress  Kimberley Allen for Ruth in Blithe Spirit
Best Director  Gee Rook for Jack the Ripper
Best Supporting Actor  David Massey for Bluenose Stack in Jack the Ripper
Best Supporting Actress  Christine Woodhead for Madam Arcati in Blithe Spirit
Best Male Newcomer  Mark Watling
Best Female Newcomer  Deborah Wyatt
Davison Award  Nicky Chowne for her enthusiasm, FOH organisation and throwing open her garden for the BBQ every year
Wooderson Award  Carolyn Screech for being organised, helpful, professional and inventive with her props
Grimwood Award  Shep Crampton for her commitment to ATG and her set design for Jack the Ripper